Bed Bug Infestation in Toronto

One of the most uncomfortable topics today is bed bug infestation and how this problem is spreading throughout Toronto. Not only are they in houses and apartments, but they are also found in business offices and public spaces such as libraries and hotels. It has become a part of our everyday lives effecting all levels of income. If you are visiting this web page, there is a possibility that you are dealing with a bed bugs issue. This can be a very overwhelming and stressful situation as well as embarrassing. It is stressful having the bugs, living with them and then trying to find a company to get rid of them. Embarrassing because the feeling is that we will be thought less of for having this problem. Just arriving at this site and reading its contents may help dispel these negative feelings. You may feel more in control of the situation instead of being overwhelmed after reading the following information.

In the past getting rid of bugs such as cockroaches, could become quite stressful. With cockroaches usually all items had to be removed, and the areas were sprayed. And often it was not safe to stay ovenight due to the chemicals. After coming back areas had to be washed and items put away. One not only had to deal with the frustration of having bugs but also the very demanding procedure.

Bed Bugs and Beyond is a Toronto bed bug removal company. To get rid of the varmants we use a process called Thermal Pure Heat. The company creates a controlled environment where often only a single treatment is needed.The temperature is raised to the thermal death point of bed bugs. It is a simple, effective way to kill bed bugs, a one day treatment for eradication. In addition to it being quick and permanent Thermal Pure Heat is an ecofriendly solution where chemicals are not used. It is an environmentally friendly and safe resolution.

To put you at ease it is important that a company dealing with bed bug eradication not only go through and explain the procedure but also show sympathy and respect for your situation. Bed Bugs and Beyond are extremely informative when communicating with you throughout the process so you can make an informative and educated decision. In addition, the owner of Bed Bugs and Beyond has had bed bugs in the past, and has learned first hand the effectiveness of the treatment. His is one of the only companies using heat treatment. Plus for your convenience Bed Bugs and Beyond is on call 24/7, has same day service, gives free quotes, and provides a 90 day guarantee for bed bug removal in Toronto and GTA.