It’s a sobering notion that Toronto has been swarming with major bedbug infestations; in countless residential and commercial jurisdictions, all over the GTA, and has been faced with this ongoing obstacle for too many years – in a war of lost and won battles.

Bed bugs in Toronto have earned themselves a name as the vampires in your bed which hijack peoples homes and feed on their blood, and are also known as the harbingers of anxiety-ridden grief in the homes of countless ontario residents – as workplaces have also suffered in accordance.

For decades, Canadians have seen the pros, cons and capacities of efficiency when it comes to the conventional methods, which have thus far been a viable option for bed bug extermination and prevention as well.

The methods of the past in regards to extermination, have mainly involved the use of an assortment of over 300 chemicals, divided between those which Canadian poison control deems as safe to use by consumers and those which are recommended through the use and application of industry professionals, in bed bug eradication.

None the less; the cons and perils associated to using these chemicals began piling up, alongside the number of years which, embarrassingly, Toronto has continued to struggle with unceasing breakouts in bed bug infestations.

The effectiveness and efficiency of chemical pesticides, remains an open debate which seems not to be drawing nigh to an end. And chemical treatments DO still offer certain benefits, which case – fitting,  may be a highly suited plan of action against the hated critters. However,  insecticide resistance by bed bugs has been noted and studied, resulting in a vast body of information on how bed bugs are able to develop immune resistance overtime, as a defence mechanism utilized by the critters through the simple laws of adaptivity.

This can result in complex offensives, countered upon most pesticides and chemical insecticide applications. Bed bug sufferers have always dreaded being advised to dispose of infested furniture, appliances and even sentimental belongings like family heirlooms, in order to ensure proper eradication. All this, alongside the unfavourably known side effects, that can result from the use of such harmful chemicals as DDT and  pyrethroid pesticides, including respiratory complications, cancer and neurotoxicity.

No wonder that bed bug victims are often devastated to know, that the chemical fumigation of their home would have to be carried out several times in most cases, in order to promise anything, in eradicating them for good!

In a world where we are all constantly trying to escape the shadow of his many chemical traces and residues as possible; it’s a breath of fresh air to know that hot air, may be the answer we’ve all been searching for!

The good news is, that now there is a treatment that can make a single-battle war out of the forefront in facing these terrifying critters! A revolutionary method to set aside the conventional and bring about the modern age methods in bed bug extermination! Bed Bug Heat Treatment in Toronto, is the simplistically ingenious answer to the horrific ordeal of bedbugs and the next step up, from pesticides being the only viable treatment options available. Write to us at [email protected] for more information.

Thermal Heat Treatment is a pest eradication method that grants immense benefits to the weary citizens, victimized by bedbug infestation! Toronto has accepted with open arms this long awaited response to a long persistent problem – with obvious reasons why!

Thermo Heat Treatment uses high temperatures of simple, non-toxic, eco-friendly air, in a single session, that’s virtually hassle free, in order to exterminate all existing bed bugs in the vicinity. Here at Bed Bugs & Beyond, we are proudly serving Ontario, Toronto, and surrounding areas. 

You can contact us for the heat treatment, pest control and K9 detection services with a guarantee of bug elimination permanently. Our mobile team is also available 24/7 to provide emergency services, call at 647-928-6655 now to get bed bug heat treatment in Toronto to treat emergency situation!

Of course, like with any other treatments, there are some pre-operative measures to be taken and safety of course always comes first! But in comparison to chemical pesticide methods, Thermal Heat Treatment demands less preparation, which mainly consists of temporarily removing all items which would potentially melt, suffer heat damages or are highly flammable, from the proximity of the high temperatures – ranging in and around 120 degrees. 

Another element in preparation, is to temporarily disengaged fire alarms security systems indoor ceiling sprinklers which may activate through the heat. Different heat production and mobile heating units are used within the industry, which essentially achieve the same results – complete eradication. 

With Bed Bugs and Beyond Thermal Heat Treatment, it only takes one session, conducted on a single day, to suffice in fully eradicating and exterminating all bedbugs in your home. No matter the growth stage, from egg, to nymph and any line of adults, in any shape or size – you got it, obliteration!

After a heat scorched dance of surrender any bedbug within the unit is dead.Businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, are finding Thermal Heat to be of utmost convenience in comparison to pesticides. It’s easy! No need to dispose of pricey, usable furniture, no need to shut down for days or ensure top-notch ventilation for toxic clearance; what else can anyone ask for, other than to have never heard of bedbugs to begin with?

Bed Bugs and Beyond have a passionate team of highly trained professionals that are proficient in executing bed bug heat treatment in Toronto and love to eradicate bedbugs in a single session.

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Discover the greenest, easiest, the most efficient method to exterminating pesky bed bugs!