The Toronto bed bugs have made an enthusiastic comeback after being absent for almost four decades. They are enjoying a major resurgence in major cities throughout the country including Toronto Ontario. Infestations of this nighttime pest can cause panic for homeowners as well as for commercial facilities. Guests will stop coming to houses and offices will shut down if clients get to witness a bed bug harvested place.

As one of the largest pest problems in recent years, Toronto pest control companies are responding to these types of infestation calls with increasing frequency and many are utilizing Toronto bed bug heat treatments, an eco-friendly method for getting rid of bed bugs in homes, hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals and other commercial lodgings. In this day and age homeowners and companies are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment and are looking for healthier, more earth-friendly solutions to their typical problems including their pest infestations.

Bed bugs Toronto heat treatments, unlike many traditional or conventional services or do-it-yourself products, are an ideal way to kill bed bugs without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. It is an environmentally safe treatment that eradicates infestations, no matter how severe. Heat is able to penetrate all the likely spots where these nocturnal pests congregate including mattresses, bed frames, night tables, furniture as well as on or in common household items like computers and clothing, and can be used for targeted treatments or for an entire residence or structure.

Bed bug heat treatments also allow commercial facilities to remain operational while resolving infestations in other areas of the building. Bed bug heat treatments are an effective tool because they eradicate all stages of bed bug development from eggs to adults and, in many cases, can be done in a matter of hours with little impact on the homeowner or business. Furnishings and personal items can remain in a room or area even while it is being treated.

Using large, electric heaters pest control professionals will create heat that reaches the kill zone of 120 Fahrenheit or higher and then they will constantly monitor the area to ensure that the degree of heat needed to eliminate these pests is maintained and that the heat is circulated throughout the infested area or the entire structure. No matter where these nighttime pests reside during the daylight hours heat treatments administered by a specialists trained in this method of extermination are sure to resolve the entire problem.

Bed bug heat treatment services are designed to provide homes and businesses in Toronto and surrounding areas with a complete solution for the ever-increasing pest problem. If you are concerned that you may have a problem, do not expose your family or customers to the threat of attacks as they sleep. Use environmentally safe, highly effective heat treatments to completely stop your nocturnal visitors. Give us a call to know more!