PackTite Bed Bug Heat chamber

PackTite bed bug heater is available for shipping now. In fact if you are in the Toronto area we can deliver this product to you same day since we have inventory in stock!

What Is PackTite?

This Innovative new portable bed bug killing station uses a heat chamber to kill bed bugs and their eggs. This portable unit allows you to treat luggage, clothing, children’s toys, dryclean only items, sensitive fabrics, and much more. Using this PackTitle heat chamber you will be able to easily kill bed bugs regardless of their age including bed bug eggs. This bed bug heat chamber is perfect for ensuring you stay bed bug free if you travel or stay in hotels often. Studies have shown that hotel stays are the most common causes of bed bug infestation and now that it is a growing menace to the Toronto society, you won’t have to worry about your home and your family anymore!

What Is The PackTite Closet?

packtiteclosetJust released for sale is the new PackTite Closet. ThePackTite Closet is a new larger version of the original popular PackTite portable heating unit.

It measures 36″ long, 34″ tall, and 18″ wide. When inflated the unit grows to 40″ long, 36″ tall and 30″ wide. Included with the PackTite Closet is a bottom shelf and clothes rack. This unit is larger and more powerful than the original PackTite heating chamber and as such it is able to get to the proper bed bug kililng temperature quicker than it’s smaller cousin. Be ready to kill any aged bed bug including eggs in under two hours with the PackTite Closet!

As previously mentioned, bed bugs are reaching epidemic scales in Toronto. Now with the PackTite closet you can have a safe way to treat just about anything for bed bugs extremely quickly. Own your own business and want to be safe with customer returns? This prouct is for you! Your children been away on vacation wtih a friend and you want to make sure your home is safe from bed bugs? Now you have a solution!

As a bed bugs Toronto removal company we are experts at bed bug toronto removals. We specialize in offering packtite bed bug heater and heat treaments for entire homes and we know the power of treating bed bugs with heat. It’s the only way to remove bed bugs once and for all and now we offer you the power to always have a way to protect your home or business from a pesky bed bug infestation!

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