Kill Bed Bugs: How to Check Whether they are the Ones?

k9 bed bug detectionAre you suspecting those creepy looking creatures crawling without your consent? Some of the most common yet effective ways to determine these small oval-shaped creatures is :-

  • The obvious bedbug bites/mark
  • Check your mattresses for small/dark bed bug spots
  • Don’t forget to look into the creases and folds

If you find these signs to be true then it’s time you need to do something right away. However, some regular/ routine home inspection or k9 bed bug detection could be advisable for starters.

Now Bed Bugs can be found anywhere and everywhere, from residential homes to famous 5-star hotel areas. In fact, chances are there that you might be carrying them with you in your luggage, souvenirs, or in children’s toys.

So it’s time to get your detective hat on and let the apple seed looking creature hunt begin… 

  • First and foremost, take out all your clothes, belongings in a clean bath tub or on a rolling luggage rack which is at a safe distance from the walls.
  • Next is to put on your medical gloves and grab some essential tools such as a flashlight with a strong beam or a k9 bed bug detection device.  Now, why so, you may ask? Bedbugs tend to feed on human blood, so in case, you smash one you could get that blood full of diseases on you.
  • Start the inspection process by checking the bed. Make sure you check the space thoroughly by removing all the bedding down to the bottom sheet. With the help of the flashlight and an old credit card, look around for blood stains all over.
  • Further, proceed towards the mattress. After examining the bed sheet, remove it and double check on the mattress for same excrement or blood stains. Here you may also look for shed skin and eggs.
  • Don’t forget to examine the underside of the bed frame carefully. You never know how these bugs might be hiding between the pieces of wood or in the holes.
  • Apart from your bed, check other furnishings like nightstands or bedside tables. Turn them away from the wall, pull out the drawers , flip them over, inspect the legs and furthermore.
  • On and all, check each and every space in your bedchamber including the light switches, outlets baseboards, moldings and be thorough with it.
  • In case, you still feel that something is missing, get in touch with our professionals right away and with the help of our supreme quality k9 bed bug detection device, we will get the work done in no time!