K9 Bed Bug Detection Services

Use a K9 bed bug detection or dog to sniff out where the Bed Bugs are

Do you want to be absolutely certain you have Bed Bugs?
If so, our K9 Bed Bug Detection or Dog Bed Bug Detection services are the right choice for you.

A bed bug K9 has been specifically trained in the detection of bed bugs. A K9 or dog can smell the odor of live Bed Bugs and even the eggs. The amazing part is they actually know whether a Bed Bug is alive or deceased.

Our k9 bed bug inspection unit has some of the best accuracy training possible, the dogs are not ordinary house pets. The dogs are well maintained, properly supervised and highly trained professionals, just like us.

A K9 handler will arrive on location and work with the dog going through each and every room, searching high and low.  Should the dog find something, the handler will verify the findings visually to be sure.

Bed Bugs and Beyond are affiliated with Olympus K9!

  • Our K9′s are trained by our staff who have over 30 years of experience in Law Enforcement.
  • Our dogs are selected, raised, and trained by our in house staff, assuring you dogs of superior quality and ability.
  • Our training standards set the standard, and our K9 Bed Bug Detection Services are purchased by the Law Enforcement industry for these standards.
  • Our K9′s are trained to detect active Bed Bugs and their eggs only.
  • Olympus K9 can recommend a company to start your clean up.  We will also get you started on a prevention program that includes regular K9 inspections and maintenance.
  • All inspected facilities will receive our Olympus K9 Bed Bug Free Certification to show your visitors, employees, and business partners.

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