In cities and towns right across Canada, municipalities have been receiving more and more inquiries about bed bugs. And with so much media attention, everyone is on guard. The fact is, practically anyone can be exposed to an infestation of bed bugs. The bugs travel around from place to place (with our help) and can reproduce quickly and easily when conditions are right. Sometimes, there’s a chance for health issues to emerge, but regardless, a bed bug infiltration requires immediate attention and an effective resolution.

If and when bed bugs are suspected, detection and identification are primary. Bed bugs are known to be tricky creatures – they are often difficult to find, but can be quite easily detected with the naked eye. Bed bugs look somewhat like apple seeds, based on size and appearance. And unfortunately, they are being discovered in many different locations: hotels and motels, apartments and condominiums, even office buildings. On detection, there’s no reason to be embarrassed, because anyone can be infested, regardless of neighborhood.

There is always a chance of health risk when bed bugs are detected, but there is no proof that any disease is transmitted. And in some cases, bed bug bites can cause allergic reactions, but these are no worse than a regular mosquito bite. There is also a chance that scratching a bite could cause an infection, but again, this kind of health concern should not be exaggerated. The worst part of a bed bug infestation is the anxiety and stress. In short, accurate detection, and appropriate resolution is highly recommended.

The most important thing with bed bugs is to stop the infestation once detected. And hiring a professional company could be the answer – it’s a job that should be expedited quickly and properly so that any re-occurrence of bed bugs is eliminated. In this regard, it’s best to hire a pest control company that specializes in bed bug detection and removal, and can offer some assurance for the future. A reputable and reliable company will provide BOTH an effective remedy AND a guarantee on work performed.

Unfortunately, some companies still use pesticides to get rid of bed bug infestations. This is not a fully successful approach and could pose some health risks. However, a company like Bed Bugs and Beyond does the complete job without using chemicals or pesticides. They detect and identify an infestation; they eradicate the entire colony; and they guarantee their work. Best of all, detection is precise – they employ a “sniffer dog” who smells out the bed bugs in a matter of minutes. It’s the most reliable detection method available.

For the team at Bed Bugs and Beyond, the aim is to permanently eliminate bed bugs. We do it with our unique “heat treatment” process – it’s safe and effective, and delivers long-lasting results. The “heat treatment” process distributes extreme heat throughout a given area, as it exterminates adult bed bugs and their eggs. There are no harmful side effects, and in most cases, only ONE treatment is required for success. It’s a process that is far more cost effective than other methods, and far less stressful on occupants.