Bed bugs are known to be tricky to find because they keep well hidden in cracks and crevices. They are most often inactive throughout the day, with their peak activity time being between 10:00 pm to 6:00 am, when most of us settle down from our day and go to sleep. Since many people are sleeping when bed bugs come out to explore, we don’t see them or feel them when they are crawling about. This furthers their ability to go undetected for so long, usually until the most common sign reveals a problem… waking up with the well known and dreaded ‘bed bug bites’. The only evidence of their intrusion into your personal space may be some unwelcome red spots found on your skin.

By the time we awake in the morning, the bed bugs are nowhere in sight, as they have settled back to their dark crevices in furniture and fabrics around your home. The problem continues to get worse when bed bug eggs are planted throughout your house or apartment, which can lead to a long term infestation. Bed bug eggs are tiny and sticky, so hundreds of them can be nested together in the seams of material or crevices in furniture. Even if you can find adult bed bugs and manage to get rid of them, it is much harder and takes longer to kill bed bug eggs than it does to get rid of grown bed bugs. This is how an ongoing infestation can occur.

That is why more advanced methods need to be used to get rid of the bed bug eggs…permanently. If adult bed bugs are exterminated but any eggs remain undetected, then the bed bug problem can start all over again.

This is where Bed Bugs and Beyond can help. In addition to our extensive knowledge and years of experience eliminating bed bug problems, we also use the most current, high tech tools available to ensure that the bed bugs and their eggs are permanently removed. We get rid of the pesky bed bugs, but just as important, we also make sure to get rid of any bed bug eggs to prevent the problem from coming back.

The most effective way to get rid of bed bug infestations and bed bug eggs is through the use of our ThermaPureHeat® process. This is a process that raises the temperature to the environment where bed bugs and their eggs are hiding, and they cannot survive in the heat.

Bed Bug Eggs

A bonus benefit of this treatment that pleases our customers, is that it does not use any chemicals or spread harmful toxins throughout your home. Chemical treatments are not guaranteed to kill eggs, and often need to be repeated when bed bugs come back. Not to mention compromise the air quality of our living space. This isn’t the case with ThermaPureHeat®, which eliminates the problem after only 1 treatment, naturally and permanently. This is because the heat will penetrate all hard to reach locations to kill bed bugs and bed bugs eggs wherever they may be.