Bed bug detecting canines, have risen to be one of the most highly efficient and astonishingly useful resources; in not only detecting whether an infestation is present, but also in pinpointing specific and hard-to-reach areas, where major colonies are nesting and proliferating. Undetected mega centres of bed bugs, flourish rapidly in areas which may be out of sight, mind and reach!

Pest control companies across North America are faced with the question of whether or not to part-take in the tedious, costly and ongoing training maintenance, that comes with owning a bed bug detecting canine.This is understandable; considering that these incredibly intelligent and highly effective, four-legged employees, come with as much education, training,  invested time and money, as any human in their respective fields would! The journey of a potential canine bed bug inspection and detection, begins of course, with their highly prized gift; mother nature has granted these denizens with the utmost advanced powers in, you guessed it – sniffing!

A single canine is born equipped with anywhere around 250 million individual scent receptors, with Bloodhounds in specific, endowed with up to 350 million receptors!

Of course a highly capable nose is not enough for man’s best friend to land a job, providing intel on a most dreaded enemy – the bedbug. Vigorous training, copious time, hefty money and a continuing devotion to keeping the high standards of treatment/training are all key factors in utilizing their talents.So why bother at all, with this complex endeavour and its predicaments? At Bed Bugs and Beyond we invest all the time, resources and effort in delivering the innovative, green, safe and effective canine bed bug detection & treatments that grant you peace of mind and gain us our name; as highly proficient, fully capable bedbug exterminators – endowed with the best that today’s advancements in bedbug extermination have to offer! In order to achieve a well-rounded line of service in canine bed bug detection, we’ve sought-out the highest standards in bed bug detection training from Olympus k9, one of the undisputed best, in canine development, within the field of detection. Graduates enroll in law enforcement and the most highly demanding applications of the detection workforce!

At Bedbugs and Beyond, the role which  our canines play, in bedbug detection, is undoubtedly one of our most highly praised assets. We proudly provide clients with the highest industry standards, in canine bed bug detection, following through with the premium extermination services that prove how Bed Bugs and Beyond strives to be the best!

Non residential applications can include: cinemas, offices, stores, schools, shelters, large and small motor vehicles, aircraft and more!

Visual confirmation, coupled with the proper care and emotional bond we provide our bed bug detecting km unit at Bedbugs and Beyond, grants bed bug victims the chance to reap the benefits in bedbug extermination, that can help ease the trauma of an infestation. Our canines are fully capable to detect the presence of bedbugs in any stage of development from eggs to nymph, to adults, including any different species of bedbug, regardless of size.

Our bed bug detecting canines, provide us with invaluable intel on the status of locations within your home, which can be virtually impossible access without damaging: like inside walls or furniture. This also gives us a better idea of how much chemical treatment is required and where the contamination is at a high, if chemically treating. Bed bugs and beyond canine bed bug detection services are a sure shot to knowing whether there is a problem, where the problem is located, assurance of knowing that whether Thermal Heat or Chemical Treatment was used, your worries are over and that you are safe from the traumatizing grief and annoyance, that comes with a bedbug infestation! Contact us now and find out what we can do at Bedbugs and Beyond, to provide you the sure way to relief and satisfaction, using our highly praised, canine bed bug detection services!