Bed bugs are like miniature vampires that creep up from anywhere and infest your home and office. These bugs multiply at an enormous rate and can wreak havoc in your house in no time. You may wake up from your sleep with some itchy, reddish boils on your skin that look like marks of mosquito bites. In this case, how would you differentiate between a bed bug bite and a mosquito bite? There are some specific symptoms of bed bug bites that you must watch out and take effective bed bug treatment.

What are the symptoms of a bed bug bite?

A mosquito bite instantly feels like a sting. It feels itchy immediately after the bite. However, in case of a bed bug bite, you might feel the effect after an hour or so. The saliva of a bed bug has anesthetic properties and anticoagulants that prevent blood clot. That is why the bite rash doesn’t trouble you instantly. You might feel the bite after an hour, a few days or sometimes, even after a week. The intensity of the rash depends on the response of your body to the chemicals secreted.

Another thing you will notice about a bed bug bite is that the area of the skin develops a small, red rash, round in shape, and it looks more swollen than a mosquito bite. These rashes could appear on your shoulders, legs, arms, mostly in a line, unlike other insect bites. Mosquito bites are common only in the open regions of your skin, such as legs and arms, but bed bug bites could be anywhere on your body, even in covered spots like your abdominal area or back.

How can you prevent bed bug bites?

Practically there is no way to prevent bed bug bites if your home is infested with these malicious creatures. So, the first step towards your protection is certainly a proper bed bug treatment. This will help prevent further damage to your domestic hygiene due to bed bug infestation. Call in pest control and get rid of bed bugs and other insects permanently. Prompt and early action can stop the infestation sooner.

In addition to bed bugs Toronto treatment, your home needs regular cleaning and dusting. Vacuum the floor, bed frames, mattresses, wall and furniture. Use of effective insecticides can help you keep insects at a bay.

Bed bug bites look awful on your skin. These blood sucking pests can affect your normal life severely, if you don’t take appropriate measures. Use the tips discussed here, and help your home get rid of these dreadful bugs.