Bed bugs Toronto: 5 bed bug myths busted

Today bed bugs have become one of the most irritating insects in modern households of Toronto. Few elements like travelers from all across the world are believed to lead to recurrence of these irresistible looking creatures.

How do these bed bugs in Toronto bother us?

  • Most of the pests are blamed for a number of skin annoyances, especially the bed bugs. It’s like one day you wake up with red, swollen parts over your body and 99% of the chances are there that bed bugs have bitten you while you were asleep.
  • Bed bugs are petite, wingless in terms of looks which crawl into furniture surface-floors, walls, beds and so more. They are so small that you can hardly view them with the naked eye.

bedbugs in torontoBed bugs are making a huge comeback  around the globe. For them, no place is left to hide even the internet is full of information on bed bugs, their biology and behavior. Now I have seen many of you picking up such kind of information without even assessing their relevance and spreading it far and wide. Here in this post, I would like to mention a few myths and facts worth considering on bed bugs in Toronto.

Myth 1- You can’t see bed bugs.

As aforementioned, bed bugs aren’t big enough to be seen easily and often hide in cracks, ceilings, and furniture. Anyone can see an adult bed bug, nymph and eggs with their naked eye. All you need to do is keep looking in their hiding spaces.

Myth 2- Bed bugs live in dirty places

Until now there have no such cases or studies been registered which reveals that bed bugs prefer living in dirty places. In fact, instead of getting attracted to dirt or grim, Bed bugs Toronto are more attracted to warmth, blood and carbon dioxide. On the contrary, clutter offers more and more hiding spots, so make sure to keep your space decluttered.

Myth 3- Transmission of diseases is possible through bed bugs

It is quite true that bed bugs are pretty annoying in nature as their presence causes itching and loss of sleep, but they can never lead to the transmission of any disease from one person to another.

Myth 4- Bedbugs won’t come out if you turn the light on at night

Although these bugs prefer darkness, but that doesn’t mean by turning on the light at night you can stop these pests from biting you.

Myth 5- Bed bugs feed on a dead skunk

No! Bed bugs in Toronto do not feed on a dead skin, they feed on the blood they suck out of your body.

Myths and misconceptions can cause you waste of time, money, energy to no end. So just make sure you do adequate research right before you start making decisions, especially when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs in Toronto.

“Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.”