In the last few years, Toronto Public Health has experienced a noticeable increase of phone calls regarding bed bug issues.  The fact of the matter is that anyone, in any locale, can be exposed to an infestation of bed bugs – the pests travel easily from one place to another, and multiply very quickly when the environment is ideal.  A bed bug infestation is a genuine pain. In addition to the anxiety and discomfort of the situation, there is some potential for health concerns.  But most importantly, the situation needs immediate and effective resolution.

Whether its bed bugs removal in Scarborough, or in any of the neighboring suburbs, the fundamentals are the same.  And identification is clearly the first step to detection.  While its true that bed bugs are difficult to find, they are certainly big enough to be identified with the naked eye, and often compared to an apple seed in terms of size and look.  Today, bed bugs are found almost everywhere:  hotels and motels; apartments and condos; even in public spaces and offices.  And don’t be fooled – anyone, anywhere, can get bed bugs.

The real downside of a bed bug infestation is the health risk.  There is no evidence to suggest that these pests transmit disease – but bed bug bites do have the potential to cause allergic reactions (similar to mosquito bites).  However, itching and scratching of the actual bite can cause an infection, but the health concern shouldn’t be exaggerated.  Once again, the primary objective is to effectively stop the infestation, and ensure that the possibility of resurgence is eliminated.  This is a project that should be fully accomplished the first time.

Throughout the industry, it’s agreed that pesticides alone cannot accomplish the elimination of a bed bug infestation.  It’s also agreed that over-the-counter products should be avoided, as they may pose a risk to health and/or the environment.  The best approach is to hire a pest control company that specializes in bed bugs, and has the experience and expertise to deliver results.  A good service provider will be straightforward with you about your situation, and will be capable of providing a remedy that will be safe, yet long lasting.

Bed Bugs and Beyond is one such service provider – reliable, reputable, and respected.  We specialize in detecting and eliminating bed bugs, and our specially trained “sniffer dog” can smell out an infestation in mere minutes.  Once detected, remediation (the remedy process) can be decided upon, and very quickly implemented.  We want to ensure permanency when we eradicate bed bugs – and our heat treatment process has proven itself to be very efficient, with results that are effective and long lasting.  By using our extreme heat technique, adult bed bugs are eliminated (including their eggs) with NO harmful effects on humans or pets.  The heat treatment option is superior to other techniques, as it often requires ONE treatment only – making it very cost effective when compared to other methods. Best of all, Bed Bugs and Beyond fully guarantees the process.