Bed Bug Toronto :
Bed Bug removal Products we rent, sell and use to kill bed bugs

Inside our Products section you will find a number of products that we can offer for rent, sell or that we use to kill Bed Bugs.

Thermal Heaters we Use:

The heaters contained within this section are what we use to kill Bed Bugs.  We strongly suggest that you, yourself only use highly trained professionals when operating these machines as there is licensing (which we have) that is required to operate them safely.  We will always be glad to assist you with any of your Bed Bug removal products or Bed Bug treatment needs.



This device is available for rent at $35/day and it’s sole purpose it to trap and kill Bed Bugs. This is a great methodology to determine if you do have Bed Bugs for certain.



Either the new closet sized or the personal luggage sized bag containers that allow you to kill bed bugs on your own within 2 hours. This Bed bug product is intended to be used for when you travel or after to ensure that you are Bed Bug and worry free.