Bed Bugs Heat Treatment in Ontario

Bed bugs infestation is the biggest issue that most homes, hotels, and boutiques are facing. Elimination of these bugs has become a big challenge. If you too are tired of trying various methods for bug elimination. Then you consult is to get the most preferred bed bugs heat treatment in Ontario.

At Bed Bugs and Beyond, we strive to care for our customer’s needs by providing a secure and guaranteed solution for the bed bugs removal. Our thermal treatment is the most trusted way for the fast bug eradication and we are industry experts in utilizing this technique.

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Thorough Inspection Before Treatment

We never initiate any project without a thorough inspection, Our team first check your room and home to pinpoint the nesting site of bed bugs. Find the evidence to detect whether the insect troubling you is bedbug or not.

On finding any clue of the bedbug, we then take further action by using our most trusted bed bugs heat treatment in Ontario.

Experienced & Trained Bug Exterminators

We at Bed Bugs & Beyond employ trained professionals that are skilled in using tools for bugs detection. Each member in our bug exterminators team posses years of experience in this field. They now become familiar to the bug bite signs.

We know bed bugs are very good at hiding, so we too not leave any stone unturned to find their presence in the home and then treating them with the thermal treatment.

K9 Bed Bug Detection Services

We have a trained bed bug dogs to help our team in discovering bed bugs alive or deceased in a home. Our K9 bed bug inspection unit comprises of only the specialized trained dogs, not ordinary pet dogs.

The K9 bed bugs team at Bed Bugs and Beyond are carefully supervised and maintained. They can smell the odor of live bed bugs as well eggs and assist us in taking the right step to eliminate these bugs.

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