Bed Bug Heat Treatment = Only One Day!

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

  • You’ll need to place all medications, chocolate, candles etc. into the fridge. Basically anything that could melt or deform at temperatures over 90 degrees should be placed in the fridge or stored off the premise during the heat treatment. Also take any aerosol cans and place them in a box and store them in a garage or balcony. Anywhere outside off the premise where they can’t be affected by the heat. This is the only preparation required.
  • When the premise is ready you’ll need to leave it for 8 hours while we do our work.
  • Once we are done you can return home and sleep in peace. All eradication is done in one day with the one heat treatment and no bugs, larvae or eggs remain alive when we are finished.

Bed Bug Chemical Treatment

  • You’ll need to bag all your clothing and store on your balcony or in your garage or car.
  • All bedding and pillows will need to be removed and stored off premise as well.
  • You’ll also need to remove all food products, other then canned goods, from your cupboards and store in the fridge.
  • Leave all your shoes in the closets but nothing else should be left in the home.
  • Some companies will request all the base boards to be removed as well to get in behind them.
  • Note, pesticides cannot be used directly on mattresses, bedding or furniture.  These will need to be steam cleaned separately.
  • Once the spray is applied yourself and any pets will need to stay out of the home for 6 hours.
  • When you return home after the treatment you will notice a sticky film around the edge of the floors.  This is the poison and you cannot walk on it or wash your floors for 6 – 7 days.  It is important that the poison remains on the floors and surrounding areas for 1 week.
  • Once you do return home it’s important to wash all your clothing, bedding, etc, that was removed earlier and then run it all through a dryer for at least 30 minutes on high heat before putting it on or leaving the house.  This must be done daily for 2 weeks in a house and 3 weeks in an apartment.  Additionally you will need to vacuum all baseboards, furniture, and beds 2 times per day to remove any living bugs.
  • The above Bed Bugs Chemical Treatment process needs to be repeated again in 3 weeks and all steps redone for another 3 week period.

Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius)

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite – Kill Bed Bugs with Heat™

ThermaPureHeat® is a superior solution to get rid of bed bug infestations. This non-chemical, non-toxic approach penetrates wall cavities, mattresses and other hard to reach locations to kill bed bugs. By applying heat evenly throughout a structure we are able to kill bed bugs wherever they are hiding. Bed Bugs & Beyond will kill all of the growth stages of the bed bug including the eggs. This is an important fact given that not all current pesticide control methodologies kill bed bug eggs. This means that oftentimes Bed Bugs & Beyond can eradicate the entire bedbug population in a single treatment.

There is considerable documentation citing the temperature and time correlations necessary to kill bedbugs and their eggs. Several sources (Usinger 1966, Gulmahamad 2002, Quarles 2007) report that adults and nymphs die within 15 minutes at temperatures greater than 113ºF and 60 minutes to kill eggs. Raising room temperatures above the thermal death point and maintaining that temperature for several hours should eliminate a bedbug infestation.

 Pest Temperature  Duration Reference
 Adult Bed Bugs & Nymphs 45ºC (113ºF)  15 Minutes  Mallis, 2004
 Bed Bug Eggs 45ºC (113ºF)  60 Minutes  Gulmahamad, 2002
 Bed Bugs (All Stages) 46ºC (114.8ºF)  7 Minutes  Quarles, 2007

The temperature required to kill bedbugs and their eggs fall well within the temperature ranges achieved by ThermaPureHeat®. The low thermal death point of bedbugs allows Bed Bugs & Beyond technicians to better adapt the process to the building and its contents while still achieving efficacy. Unlike many pesticides, Bed Bugs & Beyond will penetrate into all of the harborages and kill bed bugs where they reside. Our process will force heat into beds, bedding, mattresses, furniture, electronics, wall cavities, etc. leaving no place for bed bugs to hide.