Bed Bugs London

Bed bugs, one of the most hated household pests that are difficult to kill as they hide in cracks and crevices. These ruddy brown, tiny, flat, oval-shaped night-time insects rely on human blood and can cause much discomfort like insomnia and several other psychological problems, etc. Whether it is a hotel, motels or inns or public transportation like buses, taxis, railway stations or your home, bed bugs can be found anywhere in London. Unlike other pests/ insects, bed bugs reproduce very fast as they lay many a minimum 300 to 1000 eggs during a lifespan. Apart from this, the life of a bed bug is lengthy. They have the potential to live eighteen months or more without feeding on human blood.

Bed Bugs London can be considered as a sensitive subject, hence it is always advisable to hire a reliable professional like us! We at Bed bugs & Beyond strive hard to best possible services for you to get rid of these creepy looking dangerous creatures. Other than cracks, clothing to computer bags, furnishing products are their alternative hideouts. Here we firmly believe that success depends on early detection and correct treatment procedures.

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Bed bugs London: How do we deal with them?

First of all, we confirm if the treatment is needed. Whether there is any kind of presence of the pests in your house or not.

  • Is there any sudden occurrence of the small reddish bite marks on your body?
  • Weird looking dark spots near and around the bed.
  • Look around for casings or shells or any kind of the leftover skin of the bug.

If the answer is yes to all the above questions, our bed bug treatment is the next thing to opt for. However there are lots of ways to deal with Bed bugs London, but we prefer treatments like Heat treatment & Chemical treatment

Heat treatment- Whichever treatment you choose, evacuate your space entirely especially products like medications, chocolate, candies which could melt easily at temperatures over 90 degrees. Then, with the help of a high-end equipment which is specially designed to kill all the bed bugs we raise the temperature in your home to kill bed bugs completely. Once we are done, you can return home and sleep in peace with your loved ones.

Chemical treatment- Again here you need to evacuate your space, especially your clothing in your balcony or garage. You also need to remove all food products from cupboards as well as the fridge. We will apply the spray, pesticides to offer you a bug-free environment. The chemical treatment needs to be repeated again in three weeks for successful results.

Bed Bugs london


One of the most populous cities of England and the UK comprising of a diverse range of people and cultures. Many times, the city’s overcrowded conditions lead to severe issues like Bed bugs. Therefore, you need to hire a leading company for instant removal of bed bugs London.