Bed Bugs Kitchener

So you wish to get rid of those blood-sucking pests, isn’t it? However many of you are unaware of the presence of Bed Bugs in Kitchener, but you should know they are making a severe comeback. Now bed bugs aren’t just one in type that preys on human blood, but some even prefer animal blood like birds and bats. On and all, if we go further in the bed bug life cycle, a female bed bug takes their eggs and lay in several hidden areas. In fact, they can give birth to 500 eggs during a lifetime.

Several experts suggest that the overall development of the bed bug’s rely on the temperature that is about 70-90 degrees F. On the contrary, they can complete their full transition from eggs to adult bed bug in a month.

Before we get started….

Bed bug & Beyond is a leading company that offers high-end services and solutions for Bed bugs in Kitchener. Now how would anyone know whether their space is infested or not?

First of all, you may find an offensive, sweet, musty scent like never before. Besides this, fecal or excrement stains, egg cases, shed skins and the list goes on. In addition to bed, your furnishings, ceilings, floorings have to be thoroughly checked for several reddish brown stains.

Second, a thin crack or the seams of your mattresses can be more than enough for a bed bug to hide. Every creature has nature of their own and bed bugs are no exception. These pests love to live closer to their source of food, i.e. human blood. So be very careful while sleeping.
Before you start looking for Bed bugs in Kitchener, it’s good to know the different symptoms, so that you can act upon the situation pretty quick.

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How these Bed bugs in Kitchener enter your space?

Travelling is one of the most common ways through which bed bugs can enter your space. Apart from this, they get in touch with you in three ways :-

Person- If someone physically takes them inside in their personal belongings or luggage

Thing- They enter your space, be it home or office through furnishing products or any equipments or utensils/ clothes, etc.

Forced Invasion- Bed bugs in Kitchener do not fly. In fact, they crawl from adjoining apartments through wall voids, utility line, heating ducts, etc

Killing these creepy irritating creatures is difficult but not for Bed bugs & Beyond. With several years of practice and experience, we have the potential to create a bug-free environment for you in no time.

Bed Bugs Kitchener


The city of Kitchener is located in Southern Ontario, Canada covering an area of 136.86 square kilometers. The place carries a humid continental climate and therefore there are more chances of bed bugs. In such cases, all you can do is feel free to get in touch to get rid of Bed bugs in Kitchener today!