Toronto bed bugs are back and they are here to stay. After hiding in obscurity for more than a decade, bed bugs are making their presence felt the world over in large numbers.

According to a report compiled by the UK Ministry of Health, the last known bed bug resurgence was witnessed in the year 1933. During the mid 90s however, the bed bugs seemed to have disappeared without a trace with barely a few isolated incidents and sightings across the globe. However off late, the insects have been making a resounding comeback across the world with countries like the US and several European countries having to grapple with a severe bed bug problem on their hands.

This sudden resurgence of bed bugs across the globe has been hard to track, considering the fact that bed bugs are very elusive creatures. However, judging from the pattern of infestation, many experts are of the opinion that globalization and the increase in foreign travel could be attributed to the proliferation of these insects.

In the UK for instance, the bed bug onslaught was first witnessed in the year 1999. According to analysts this was also a year when there was increased international travel to the UK.

By the year 2000, the growing bed bug infestation starting sweeping across Germany, Australia, India, Canada, Spain, Israel and the United States. The correlation between international travel and the bed bug infestation was established in 2003 in Italy, when a seven year old boy developed small lesions over his skin. Upon further examination doctors concluded that it was the presence of bed bugs in his home that were causing these eruptions.

It turns out that the boy had invited some friends from Nepal to live with him in Italy for a few days and brought with them some uninvited visitors as well.

The United States which is also one of the most widely visited countries is no stranger to the growing bed bug pandemic. Since the ban of potent pesticides such as DDT, the insects have been multiplying rapidly. However, unlike other countries the US has been able to combat this menace with its efficient pest control agencies.

If you are a resident of the US who is looking for the most effective bed bug treatment, do not delay any further and call your local pest control agency. Employing the services of a professional pest control agency would effectively rid your house of a bed bugs Toronto infestation and prevent them from resurfacing again.