Bed Bugs Treatment Testimonials

Bed Bugs and Beyond service is indeed stellar! My opinion is that Cary does his work so well that it bespeaks appreciation and congratulations.
I was living in a bed bug nightmare when Orkin, the company that my complex used for extermination did the initial assessment; steamed numerous times, however they were only masking the issue and not getting to the root of it. I was literally hysterical and had a mental breakdown over this. Finally, only after I called in Toronto Public Health and the Inspector forced the building management to do the Thermal Heat Treatment, did the building manager call Cary at Bed Bugs & Beyond. Cary and his team were here at a moment’s notice. The building management had given Cary the Orkin assessment information and Cary did his initial treatment. Almost 6 weeks later, I found one alive. Cary returned immediately and I know he spend a lot of time and money due to that initial Orkin assessment which was not correct. Cary then brought in his K9 Detection dog and handler and she found the BB’s in my bedroom wall. At further expense to his company, Cary did another treatment and stands by his three month warranty. He is truly a man of his word.
Cary is extremely client focused, courteous and precise in what he is doing; a good man with high dedication and very informative. Cary and his technicians came here, they helped me, were very empathetic and eased my mind and have really restored my faith in humanity. Their work ethic and professional, yet utmost friendly attitude are traits that are very seldom found in today’s business world. Cary and his team remind me of the way everyone used to be 25 plus years ago. Each one had a smile in their voice, happy to be of assistance and most of all very competent in their task.
Our complex will have new owners and management next month and I will be the first one in their office to recommend Cary and his team for the new contract as I feel comfortable knowing this issue has been dealt with to the highest standard. Personally, I am big on service and I don’t give five stars easily and I would highly recommend Bed Bugs & Beyond. Trust, skill, patience and experience!!! Call Cary first if you want the very, very best. If future client’s want my home phone number to verify this Testimonial, please call Cary as I trust him to such a degree that I have given him my personal number. (I hope you never get these horrible creatures and need to use it).
To Cary and his Team of expert technicians, we want you to know how much we appreciated each and every one of you helping us (me as well as my son) through this most difficult time. You went above and beyond and that is a rare thing in today’s world; your thoughtful attention and top-shelf service is greatly appreciated. The peace of mind I now have knowing these bugs are eradicated allows me to sleep peaceful again… words alone will never express how grateful we are to you Cary…

Hilda, Toronto ON

This company was extremely fast and efficient, I couldn’t have asked for a better service. I called on a Tuesday and Armand came in for a free quote. The next day they were already treating my house. To be honest, my first thought was to treat the house myself because I thought it was contained in my room, but I was wrong. The job the crew did was amazing and the 90 day warranty really assures me that they did the best job they could. We had Ikea furniture but all it took was placing painter’s tape around the edge and the paint didn’t lift. If you follow the prep list, there is very minimal damage to anything. The crew was extremely friendly and the whole experience was amazing all together. Thank you so much Bed Bugs and Beyond! If you’re looking for a company, I HIGHLY recommend this one.

Macarena, Toronto, ON

I used this company because they had a warranty. I found them online. The other pest control places did not give a warranty and would only say that they would charge separately for each treatment. Cary Title the owner of Bed Bugs and Beyond asserted that the up front cost would include every treatment until they got the job done. I was skeptical but the company is as good as their warranty. It took five treatments. They not only got rid of the bugs finally but after the initial cost they didn’t charge me a thing. And I still have a warranty until the end of October. I know that if the bugs come back or I have a resurgence that I can rely on Bed Bugs and Beyond to come back without any more cost to fix to the problem. They crew is efficient, polite and reliable. A great service and company. I have already recommended this company to other people and property management companies. If you have bed bugs you should use this company to get rid of them.

Barbara, East York, ON

There’s a lot of competition in the Toronto bed bug control market. Bed Bugs and Beyond doesn’t take advantage of the hot market. They keep prices fairly low in comparison to other companies offering heat, and offer a 90-day guarantee and a free heat treatment if the bugs do return.

So far, we’ve been bed-bug free since the initial heat treatment!

Our experience with Bed Bugs & Beyond was great. The owner, Cary, came and did a free inspection on the same day we contacted him even though he had another job in progress elsewhere. The crew who did the treatment was just as compassionate as Cary. They patiently explained the process and helped us and our two cats get out the door bed-bug free so we wouldn’t bring them back with us. This involved blowing hot air on us, our bags, and cat carriers as well as inside my car.

Cary did warn us during the inspection that our Ikea furniture would sustain some damage. Indeed, the cheap melamine finishes separated from our dressers. We have been able to super-glue them back down. Our large and expensive Pax wardrobe came through it just fine, though! The only damage to our electronics was to our laser printer, which we’ve replaced — a cost well worth the experience of a good night’s sleep icon_smile

If you’ve got bed bugs, don’t waste your money on steam and vacuum treatments (these things you can do yourself!) and be aware of the fact that chemical fumigation cannot penetrate the nooks and crannies in your walls where these sneaky bugs hang out. Heat is the best way.

I do recommend cleaning up any of the Diatomaceous Earth powder before heat treatment if you’ve spread it around. The heat fans will blow it around everywhere. Weeks later and I’m still cleaning it up!

I also recommend boarding your pets somewhere overnight. Our indoor cats really suffered in the hot house even hours after the treatment. Your house will take 5+ hours to cool off because the walls and floors retain so much heat.

A big thanks to Cary and the Bed Bugs and Beyond crew! Although you’re all wonderful people, I hope that I never have to contact you again icon_razz

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Stephanie B, Toronto, ON

After a trip to Cuba where we were told our daily bites were due to sand fleas, we discovered we had a bed bug infestation. Ughhh!

I tried to exterminate them using DAE powder but was unsuccessful. One call to Cari and our minds were already at ease. He and his team acted quickly and discreetly to eradicate these little critters using heat treatment. Very cool stuff. I am now proud to say I am bug-free, thanks to Bed Bugs and Beyond. Thanks guys, great work!

C.K. , Toronto, ON

We had the absolutely best experience with Bed Bugs and Beyond. They went went way “Beyond” anything I could imagine. They showed up in record time. Took great care to do the job right and guess what? No more bugs! Thank goodness. We did have a small problem with two of our window frames from their service (they warped) and I have never seen any company so quickly, professionally, and expertly take care of the problem including of all the costs involved. I highly recommend their service! Don’t hesitate. Call now.

Jill, Old Toronto, ON

Amazing company! I would recommend to anyone. I unfortunately got bed bugs, and searched the inet to see the bed way to eliminate them fast. I stumbled upon Bed Bugs and Beyond and decided to give them a call. Cary the owner was here asap checking the problem, decided to come the next day. Cary and his crew came out and heated up the place. His crew was very nice and helpful. Nothing was ruined they took very good care of everything, even moving our items to the original state from when they arrived. We ended up having a another occurrence and Cary standing behind his warranty is coming out tomorrow to take care of the problem yet again. For the people saying he is rude etc,Cary is strait to the point and tells it like it is, which is my books is far more respectable then someone running you around the bush feeding you bs, and spending more money then you should. In conclusion, if you want a company that does the job right and fast with integrity, call bed bugs and beyond. Thank you Cary and team, you guys are awesome!

Starr, Etobicoke, ON

If you have bed bugs, call the experts at Bed Bugs & Beyond. Based on our personal experience, you’ll be in good hands. We wish somebody would have told us this earlier so hopefully this testimonial will save you some time and grief. When we finally discovered the cause of a body rash, we knew that we needed professional help. The biggest challenge was not knowing what to do or whom to trust – so many different opinions and too much misinformation. But then we found Cary Title at Bed Bugs & Beyond for an initial consultation – experienced, personable, energetic and very knowledgeable as he addressed all of our questions and concerns regarding bed bugs and the treatment his firm recommended to get rid of them. We felt confident that he was the man for the job. We were still very concerned about the potential damage that Cary’s proposed high heat treatment would have on all of our furniture, electronics and other valuables. After some more reassurance from Cary, we agreed to move ahead with their recommended process. Cary and his team did a great job. Their heat treatment process worked wonders without exposure to unhealthy and less effective chemical treatments recommended by other companies. Not one single bed bug survivor and believe me, we’ve looked! There was no damage and most importantly all the electronics – computers, telephones, TV’s, various instruments and recording equipment are working perfectly. Cary said “Trust me,” and we’re glad we did! A big thank you to the whole team for being so friendly, flexible and discreet. PS. I thought Cary was being a bit alarmist when he told me that the bugs would be in my clothes, but he was right again. What can I say…he just knows his stuff.

Yun, Mississauga, ON

BED BUG NIGHTMARE. Without Cary (owner of Bed Bugs and Beyond) I don’t know where I’d be. If you don’t have time to read my story, know that he took care of us above and beyond, and I’d recommend him to anyone. I moved into what I thought was the place I’d stay until I bought a home. Rude awakening. Only a month after moving in I started getting bites, I was told it was spiders. Since my room mate wasn’t being bitten I believed it. 4 months later I woke at 3am with my face itchy and swollen, turned on the light to find a bed bug under my pillow. Full panic, sat researching until dawn. What I found was that this chemical treatment sounded bogus. The bugs only die if they are sprayed dead on, because they have these crazy exoskeletons. They live in the baseboards, mattresses, furniture, clothing, and they only come out at night… ( to be specific when you have reached your REM sleep. creepy) soooo, how is spraying them in the day going to work? Not to mention they want to spray a chemical all over your apartment, at least 3 times. Not my favorite idea. Oh- and 30% of people don’t react to bed bug bites…which explained why I was the only one being bitten. Finally I found what was said to be “the silver bullet”. The Heat Treatment. Fairly new to Canada, only three companies licensed, and most with a 90 day guarantee. Bed Bugs and Beyond was the first company I called and was on the scene that day in fact. Of course it is the pricier treatment, and my cheap landlord was against it, Cary felt so bad for us he gave us a deal just so we could get the landlord on board. He ended up treating our place 5 times, two of which were after the 90 day guarantee. Only too late we found out that the problem was in the adjoining household, and they did not want to pay for the heat treatment. They preferred to spray, every sunday, themselves. Right. So, the problem couldn’t be solved and we had to move. Cary gave us a moving treatment complimentary just to get us out of there, he heated all our stuff as it left the house, little tricky in a snow storm. He really was great, dealing with my abrasive landlord, and not abandoning us when the warrantee was out. This is 6 months since my initial call, and he was only paid once. He stayed in contact with me in my new place (brand new still under construction condo, wasn’t taking any chances), and when I found ONE bug, he came to treat again. He gave me the best deal he could since it was me paying this time (and he was already out $8000 from our last place) and treated my new place. I am now finally BED BUG FREE! And I can say the heat treatment works, as long as you aren’t sharing a wall with someone who has the bugs and wont deal with them. I know this is a long story. When I was researching I found bits here and there, so I wanted to give a full account to the next person dealing with this nightmare. The heat treatment can melt a few things that are cheap plastic, mostly because it was a 6 months nightmare for me and Cary cranked it higher than usual just to be sure. He helped us out when we were in a horrible place, and he stuck with us even after he was free of any obligations. I can’t tell you how strung out we were, the psychological toll it took…that we are still trying to get over. One last thing…my landlord did the chemical spray once we were gone, the woman living downstairs wrote me to tell me she has never seen so many bugs before. Fair warning. Cary still checks in now and again, and he is replacing any and all plastic casualties. icon_wink

Marisa, Old Toronto, ON

My bed bug nightmare started a few days after returning from a trip to Europe. My family and I was constantly being bitten by something. After investigating we found out that we had a horrible infestation of bed bugs. We found your website to be very helpful. We are glad that you do not just offer full treatment but also it’s without any chemicals. Thank you!!

Alex Bergman, Vaughan, ON

Hi. I had to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I was to find your website and learn that there was an alternative to pesticides to kill bedbugs. Heat treatment is the most advanced and natural way of killing these monsters! NO MORE BEDBUGS!!!

Luis Enrique, Mississauga, ON

We were horrified to find awful bites on us night after night, not knowing what they were at first. We are not sure how we got bedbugs, but we had a really bad infestation of them. We called Bed Bugs and Beyond and used heat treatment. It really worked!! We are now free of bedbugs and are thrilled to have found a non-toxic way to eliminate these nasty vampires!

Ben Popovic, Toronto, ON

Hello, I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful service. We were horrified when we found out that we had bedbugs from a stay at a resort. We could not believe that we had been infected by a reputable resort company. We did the heat treatment and followed your instructions. We are now free of these nasty creatures! I am glad that there is a non-pesticide alternative. Thanks again!

John Culman, Etobicoke, ON

If you have bed bugs you want to get rid of, Bed Bugs & Beyond is the company to call. They are quick in getting to your house, thorough and stand behind their service. We’ve used them and have been satisfied with the results.

Nancy Fisher, Toronto, ON