We do not like to admit it and we even believe that it will never happen to us but sometimes things have a peculiar way of showing up when you least expect it. There are some changes that start happening such as something pungently sweet hanging in the air and you start seeing small red blotches on your arms or anywhere else on your body.

In keeping with the denial, it’s easy to justify what’s happening to you as some sort of allergic reaction to something. Why don’t you try and see if you can identify with these common signs below.

1.       Specks

The moment you walk into any room and see red-brown specks on your bed and furniture, you can be 95% sure you have a bed bug infestation. To be really certain, a close-up visual inspection is warranted. Be careful to not let any part of your clothes touch the bed or furniture as you bend over and poke about. These have been created by the fecal matter of the bed bugs

2.       Bite marks

This is one sure fire way to find out if your place is infested with bed bugs. One bite, although quite gross for many, doesn’t signify an infestation just yet. However, if you have multiple red welts along your exposed skin when you wake up, it is a guarantee that you have an infestation.

3.       Remnants

You may see what looks to be like loose dirt lightly rolling around. Closer inspection would reveal the exoskeleton of the bed bugs as they molt out of their old body and form new ones. These means they are growing and growing up means spawning new eggs.

4.       Aroma

Everyone knows the all-too-familiar smell of their own homes. When you enter your home and suddenly detect a hint of rotting raspberries, coriander or almonds, be very mindful of where you touch, land your feet or lay down. You have to assume the worst and start looking for bed bugs.

5.       Streaks

If you see any of these mainly on the bed covers and bed sheets, safe to assume that these come from squished bed bugs that have or were feeding on their host and got squished as the host they were feeding from rolled over or moved in his sleep and flattened them by accident.  This incidentally releases the pungent-sweet aroma you smell that closely resembles rotting or overripe raspberries, almonds and coriander.


If you see and smell all these, rest assured you have a serious Toronto bed bug infestation. This is when you have to accept that it is happening to you and it seriously needs attending to the soonest possible time.