bed bugs heat treatment“Stop panicking & Calm down”, I am pretty sure about you naturally reacting this way, the moment you figure out a creepy looking bed bug or a bed bug stain in your sheet. And it’s quite normal to feel disgusted or violated when it comes to  dealing with such creepy looking creatures. However, you can definitely get in touch with us as Bedbug & beyond is a prominent name that arranges bed bugs heat treatment in an efficient way for you.

Other than reaching us, keep reading the post that explores regarding five homely bed bug control mistakes and how you can avoid them properly?

Mistake 1: Stop sleeping in the same bed, i.e. the bug-infested bed

I have seen many of us continue sleeping on the same bed, even after discovering bed bugs. Beg bugs crawl at a great speed and can travel up to 30 feet in six minutes, plus they are pretty much attracted to carbon dioxide. As a result, they are most likely to come to you while sleeping. All you need to do is start looking for ultimate options towards killing these bugs successfully.

Mistake 2: Spraying more will kill them faster

Bugs tend to be smaller in size but at the same time are extremely agile, thus spraying more or spraying intensely won’t kill the bugs but force them to hide somewhere out of your reach. Thus, hiring a professional or bed bugs heat treatment service provider can turn out to be a smarter move.

Mistake 3: Keep clothes in a single bag uncovered

Many of us, in general, have this tendency to stuff clothes in a haphazard manner, which is completely wrong and an improper way of maintaining hygiene standards. Messy surroundings will firmly result in an infestation of bugs and you won’t have any option other than choosing the finest bed bugs heat treatment service provider in town.

Mistake 4: Altering the place of furniture and other items

Are you among those who tend to place or move their furnishings from one space to another on the frequent basis? If so, then this can be called a major concern until and unless you don’t take some serious precautions, as it maybe the only reason for the spread of bed bugs.

Mistake 5: Never hire a professional

Hiring a professional or choosing a full-service extermination company that offers bed bugs heat treatment services is a waste of time and money, isn’t it? No it’s not, in fact, when our professional arrives, the first thing he will look around regarding is the bed bug trails, after a conducting a thorough inspection they will discuss with you over the treatment options and choose the one that suits your needs and requirements.