History And Information On The Toronto Bed Bug Epidemic

Think that bed bugs are simply pests that can be dealt with easily at any time? Wait until you have an infestation of your own. To get an idea on what it’s like to have a serious bed bug infestation epidemic problem, let us focus on Ontario’s provincial capital, Toronto, in Canada.


  • 1940s and 50’s – Pesticides virtually eradicated bed bugs in Western countries.
  • 1980s – DDT usage is banned in Canada. This ban is allegedly attributed to the fierce come-back of the Toronto bed bugs.
  • 1995 – Government officials start seeing a steady upward climb in bed bug infestations.
  • 2003 – There have been 46 incidences of bed bugs documented.
  • 2005 – Even after treatment by exterminator, 197 bed bug afflicted people sought government aid to deal with the already growing problem.
  • 2006 – The number of reports made to Toronto Public Health drops slightly to 147.
  • 2007 – The Board of Health requests the Medical Officer of Health to come up with a report on bed bugs after Councillor Paula Fletcher pointed out that bed bugs have to be declared a “health hazard” on the 12th of November.
  • 2007 – A pest control company reported that they made 4,800 treatments. This same year saw the Board of Health give a recommendation that Toronto launch an action committee to counter the bed bug infestation.
  • 2008 March – The Bed Bug action committee is formed and launched. It was renamed the Toronto Bed Bug Project the following month.
  • 2008 March – October – Toronto Public Health received 1,500 bed bug reports.
  • 2008 November 12releases a report on the status of the infestation. A report published by he Medical Officer of Health mentioned that in order to create an effective coordinated response, there is a lot of additional work that needs to be done. The report also recommends that the vulnerable entities be given funding as aid.
  • 2009 February – Control strategies and other modes of bed bug eradication have begun testing on five selected apartment buildings.
  • 2009 November – Public Health officials as well as those from the Bed Bug Project report that additional work as well as more funding is desperately needed. A report was also made by Woodgreen Community Services emphasising that if treatment was not made readily available, bed bugs are going to be endemic virtually everywhere.
  • 2010 June – While an outbreak is being tackled at the William Osler Health Centre in Etobicoke,  the Renters Right to Know Act is being introduced by MPP Mike Colle in the provincial parliament. This Act will require all landlords to inform prospective tenants if their establishment has or hasn’t been afflicted with bed bugs within the last five years.
  • 2010 July – Toronto is ranked as third most infested site in North America. This is the same month that Parliament branches of Yorkville as well as the Toronto Reference Library are being infested. At the end of the month, Toronto Public Health has received more than a thousand calls regarding bed bugs.
  • 2010 August – Helen Spitzer, a music writer, returns with bed bug bite marks from a movie screening for Scott Pilgrim which was held at the Scotiabank Theatre. She informs her friend, James Rocchi what befell her. Being an avid Twitter user, James laid it out on the social network candidly which prompted Cineplex and Cameron Bailey to react to save face.

Regardless of all the dates mentioned above, measuring the real extent of the whole bed bug infestation in Toronto is virtually impossible mainly because the government is mainly concentrating on addressing or responding to the concerns rather than in gauging it and trying to get exact figures. The rate of infection could be monitored given additional funding.

Bed bug infestations are still rampant in many areas of Toronto as of this writing.  If only enough funds were on hand to address the problem, these can and will be resolved once and for all.

Top 5 Bed Bug Myths Dispelled

Bed bugs are a growing menace particularly in Toronto and Canada, and lately have come back with a vengeance, making their presence felt in large numbers. The mere mention of these irksome creatures makes your skin crawl and instills paranoia into the hearts of many. Quite often the knowledge most people have of these bloodsuckers is often fraught with myths and misconceptions and as a consequence are at their wits end in tackling this problem. This is due to the elusive nature of these insects that often thrive undetected in people’s homes. Before we can resort to Toronto bed bug treatments, it is important to develop a better understanding of these creatures and dispel some of the myths and speculation that surround them.

1. Bed bugs only dwell in bedrooms – Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs can live anywhere. They subsist mostly on human blood and hence require a host. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and tend to inhabit bedrooms and sleeping rooms where they can feed on a slumbering host. They usually seek refuge in the most unlikely places including furniture and electronic devices and tiny cracks and crevices where they can hide.

2. Bed bugs only thrive in unsanitary homes – Unsanitary living conditions have little or nothing to do with bed bugs. In fact they are more unlikely to live in a squalid environment. These parasites are known to infest every type of human dwelling from apartments to five star hotels and everything in between. They are attracted to hosts and not filth.

3. Bed bugs transmit disease – Despite a prolonged research into the subject carried out by scientists, no documentation to suggest that bed bugs transmit diseases to people have been established yet. However bites can lead to severe rashes that resemble impetigo and if left untreated can at times get infected.

4. International travel increases your chances of bed bugs – Bed bugs are a global menace and are not just restricted to certain countries. Although international travel could increase the possibility, frequenting public places such as hotels and resorts could double your chances.

5. Bed bugs are microscopic – Bed bugs are tiny but conspicuous enough to the naked eye. They measure less than 1/4″ in size and have flat oval shaped bodies. They are very elusive creatures however, which makes it harder to identify the infestation. Contact pest control immediately if you find the tell tale signs of their presence in your home.

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites, which mean they only emerge and feed at night. This makes it harder to flush them out and most bed bug treatment products prove ineffective in tackling this nuisance. Employing the services of a bed bugs Toronto pest control company is the best way to exterminate a bed bug infestation. Act now and protect your home from the onslaught of these loathsome parasites.

Say “Yes” To Hygienic Toronto Living with Pest Control

Are you frantically looking for some solutions for pest and rodent problems in your Toronto home? If so, Bed Bugs and Beyond Pest control is the answer to all your issues. Pest treatment is not just confined to the eradication of bed bugs and other insects, we also controls rodents and lizards too.

Pests, as the name suggests, causes chaos in your home and workplace if not controlled promptly. The invasion of these creepy creatures not only brings restlessness at homes, but also creates unhygienic conditions. It is very unsafe to live with infants or children in a pest- infected house.

Toronto Bed Bug Pest control is an essential step towards healthy living at home or in the workplace. Besides making your home unclean, pests also spoil furniture, wooden decors and other materials. In addition to creeping us out, they bring germs, thus infecting all edibles in your kitchen. This could lead to severe ailments, including stomach infections and food poisoning.

Some very common insects found in Toronto are bed bugs and roaches. Why would you spoil your night’s sleep or your families health in the fear of these creepy bugs when you have a way to get rid of them? Unlike other pest treatments that require regular servicing, Heat treatments can remove bed bugs and other insect infestations with one treatment!

Various pesticides and disinfectant are used by the pest control companies to check the pest problems of your household or workplace. These insecticides range from sprays, powders, liquids, electric tools to traps. Rather than deal with these chemical treatments, pest control services are available that ensure human health and safety of kids. For commercial places like offices and larger accommodations, complete pest treatments are suggested.  Make sure that that you hire skilled and licensed pest controlling contractors to get rid of the problems safely and effectively the first time.

Some of the different types of pest control services are –

  • Termite treatments
  • Bed bug treatments Toronto
  • Weed control treatments
  • Odorless treatments
  • Household pest control
  • Commercial space pest treatments

Thermapure heat treatments are also effective on a variety of different pests both insect and animal. Heat Treatments for pest control not only ensure safety of human health, it also maintains the ecological balance. Once your house has been treated with a heat treatment, you won’t have to worry about re-infestation for some time.  Annual maintenance packages are a great idea for long term pest management in Toronto.

Don’t wait till it becomes impossible for you to live with the pests and insects – get pest control done immediately to ensure healthy living for you and your loved ones!

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