Bed Bugs Toronto – All You Need To Know

Bed bugs are like miniature vampires that creep up from anywhere and infest your home and office. These bugs multiply at an enormous rate and can wreak havoc in your house in no time. You may wake up from your sleep with some itchy, reddish boils on your skin that look like marks of mosquito bites. In this case, how would you differentiate between a bed bug bite and a mosquito bite? There are some specific symptoms of bed bug bites that you must watch out and take effective bed bug treatment.

What are the symptoms of a bed bug bite?

A mosquito bite instantly feels like a sting. It feels itchy immediately after the bite. However, in case of a bed bug bite, you might feel the effect after an hour or so. The saliva of a bed bug has anesthetic properties and anticoagulants that prevent blood clot. That is why the bite rash doesn’t trouble you instantly. You might feel the bite after an hour, a few days or sometimes, even after a week. The intensity of the rash depends on the response of your body to the chemicals secreted.

Another thing you will notice about a bed bug bite is that the area of the skin develops a small, red rash, round in shape, and it looks more swollen than a mosquito bite. These rashes could appear on your shoulders, legs, arms, mostly in a line, unlike other insect bites. Mosquito bites are common only in the open regions of your skin, such as legs and arms, but bed bug bites could be anywhere on your body, even in covered spots like your abdominal area or back.

How can you prevent bed bug bites?

Practically there is no way to prevent bed bug bites if your home is infested with these malicious creatures. So, the first step towards your protection is certainly a proper bed bug treatment. This will help prevent further damage to your domestic hygiene due to bed bug infestation. Call in pest control and get rid of bed bugs and other insects permanently. Prompt and early action can stop the infestation sooner.

In addition to bed bugs Toronto treatment, your home needs regular cleaning and dusting. Vacuum the floor, bed frames, mattresses, wall and furniture. Use of effective insecticides can help you keep insects at a bay.

Bed bug bites look awful on your skin. These blood sucking pests can affect your normal life severely, if you don’t take appropriate measures. Use the tips discussed here, and help your home get rid of these dreadful bugs.

Top 5 Signs You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

We do not like to admit it and we even believe that it will never happen to us but sometimes things have a peculiar way of showing up when you least expect it. There are some changes that start happening such as something pungently sweet hanging in the air and you start seeing small red blotches on your arms or anywhere else on your body.

In keeping with the denial, it’s easy to justify what’s happening to you as some sort of allergic reaction to something. Why don’t you try and see if you can identify with these common signs below.

1.       Specks

The moment you walk into any room and see red-brown specks on your bed and furniture, you can be 95% sure you have a bed bug infestation. To be really certain, a close-up visual inspection is warranted. Be careful to not let any part of your clothes touch the bed or furniture as you bend over and poke about. These have been created by the fecal matter of the bed bugs

2.       Bite marks

This is one sure fire way to find out if your place is infested with bed bugs. One bite, although quite gross for many, doesn’t signify an infestation just yet. However, if you have multiple red welts along your exposed skin when you wake up, it is a guarantee that you have an infestation.

3.       Remnants

You may see what looks to be like loose dirt lightly rolling around. Closer inspection would reveal the exoskeleton of the bed bugs as they molt out of their old body and form new ones. These means they are growing and growing up means spawning new eggs.

4.       Aroma

Everyone knows the all-too-familiar smell of their own homes. When you enter your home and suddenly detect a hint of rotting raspberries, coriander or almonds, be very mindful of where you touch, land your feet or lay down. You have to assume the worst and start looking for bed bugs.

5.       Streaks

If you see any of these mainly on the bed covers and bed sheets, safe to assume that these come from squished bed bugs that have or were feeding on their host and got squished as the host they were feeding from rolled over or moved in his sleep and flattened them by accident.  This incidentally releases the pungent-sweet aroma you smell that closely resembles rotting or overripe raspberries, almonds and coriander.


If you see and smell all these, rest assured you have a serious Toronto bed bug infestation. This is when you have to accept that it is happening to you and it seriously needs attending to the soonest possible time.

Bed bugs around the world

Toronto bed bugs are back and they are here to stay. After hiding in obscurity for more than a decade, bed bugs are making their presence felt the world over in large numbers.

According to a report compiled by the UK Ministry of Health, the last known bed bug resurgence was witnessed in the year 1933. During the mid 90s however, the bed bugs seemed to have disappeared without a trace with barely a few isolated incidents and sightings across the globe. However off late, the insects have been making a resounding comeback across the world with countries like the US and several European countries having to grapple with a severe bed bug problem on their hands.

This sudden resurgence of bed bugs across the globe has been hard to track, considering the fact that bed bugs are very elusive creatures. However, judging from the pattern of infestation, many experts are of the opinion that globalization and the increase in foreign travel could be attributed to the proliferation of these insects.

In the UK for instance, the bed bug onslaught was first witnessed in the year 1999. According to analysts this was also a year when there was increased international travel to the UK.

By the year 2000, the growing bed bug infestation starting sweeping across Germany, Australia, India, Canada, Spain, Israel and the United States. The correlation between international travel and the bed bug infestation was established in 2003 in Italy, when a seven year old boy developed small lesions over his skin. Upon further examination doctors concluded that it was the presence of bed bugs in his home that were causing these eruptions.

It turns out that the boy had invited some friends from Nepal to live with him in Italy for a few days and brought with them some uninvited visitors as well.

The United States which is also one of the most widely visited countries is no stranger to the growing bed bug pandemic. Since the ban of potent pesticides such as DDT, the insects have been multiplying rapidly. However, unlike other countries the US has been able to combat this menace with its efficient pest control agencies.

If you are a resident of the US who is looking for the most effective bed bug treatment, do not delay any further and call your local pest control agency. Employing the services of a professional pest control agency would effectively rid your house of a bed bugs Toronto infestation and prevent them from resurfacing again.

Did You Know The History of Pest Control?

Pests are an integral part of the ecosystem, but don’t necessarily have to cohabitate with us in our homes. These critters have been plaguing humanity since the dawn of time. In fact one of the oldest mentions of pests dates back to the Bible, when God had unleashed a great pestilence upon all of Egypt.  The Sumerians were one of the first civilizations to evolve pest control methods to exterminate pests as early as 2500 BC. They used sulphur to control the proliferation of pests.

Pest Control in Ancient China

In 1200 BC during their great age of discovery, the Chinese used chemicals to control pests during the tail end of the Shang Dynasty. This was followed by more sophisticated developments in pest control, as the Chinese began to experiment with various chemicals and methods to combat pests in order to protect their crops and make life more comfortable for their people. Information about pest control was disseminated among the Chinese people through pamphlets. The numerous advancements in the ability to write and communicate enabled the Chinese to create awareness about pests and pest control methods in their society.

Pest Control in Ancient Greece and Egypt

The next significant advancement in pest control is attributed to the Greeks, when Homer demonstrated the use of wood ash as an effective pest control substance in 750 BC. This was accepted by the Chinese in 500 BC who used chemicals such as mercury and arsenic as a way to get rid of body lice.  The Egyptians were one of the first to use fishing nets around 440 BC, as a means to protect themselves at night from mosquitoes.

Pest Control in Ancient Rome

The year 300 BC witnessed a path breaking revolution in pest control, when predatory insects were used to exterminate pests. The Romans were one of the early pioneers of this method and advocated its use throughout their empire. In the year 70 AD a man called Pliny the Elder developed an effective mosquito repellent by combining resin from the fennel plant with sulphur. Plague was rampant during the 13 BC and this prompted the Romans to build the first rat proof grain store.

Several centuries’ later eminent botanist and taxonomist Carolus Linnaeus was the first to identify and name several species of pests. His work and research eventually became the groundwork for future study into pests. During this period, the agricultural revolution was gaining momentum in Europe and this led to advancements in pest control methods to prevent crops from the onslaught of pests. As time passed and global trade increased, new pesticides and methods were discovered to combat pests.

Pest Control Today

Toronto Pest control as we know today has come a long way since its primitive beginnings in the Sumerian civilization. These days there are a whole host of pest control methods and bed bug treatments ranging from chemicals and fumigation techniques to the deployment of predatory insects to exterminate the menace of pests from our homes and institutions. Pest control is a fool proof way of combating this nuisance while making our lives more pleasant and comfortable.

Preparing For a Bed Bug Heat Treatment Is Easy

The Toronto bed bugs have made an enthusiastic comeback after being absent for almost four decades. They are enjoying a major resurgence in major cities throughout the country including Toronto Ontario. Infestations of this nighttime pest can cause panic for homeowners as well as for commercial facilities. Guests will stop coming to houses and offices will shut down if clients get to witness a bed bug harvested place.

As one of the largest pest problems in recent years, Toronto pest control companies are responding to these types of infestation calls with increasing frequency and many are utilizing Toronto bed bug heat treatments, an eco-friendly method for getting rid of bed bugs in homes, hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals and other commercial lodgings. In this day and age homeowners and companies are becoming more aware of their impact on the environment and are looking for healthier, more earth-friendly solutions to their typical problems including their pest infestations.

Bed bugs Toronto heat treatments, unlike many traditional or conventional services or do-it-yourself products, are an ideal way to kill bed bugs without the use of pesticides or other chemicals. It is an environmentally safe treatment that eradicates infestations, no matter how severe. Heat is able to penetrate all the likely spots where these nocturnal pests congregate including mattresses, bed frames, night tables, furniture as well as on or in common household items like computers and clothing, and can be used for targeted treatments or for an entire residence or structure.

Bed bug heat treatments also allow commercial facilities to remain operational while resolving infestations in other areas of the building. Bed bug heat treatments are an effective tool because they eradicate all stages of bed bug development from eggs to adults and, in many cases, can be done in a matter of hours with little impact on the homeowner or business. Furnishings and personal items can remain in a room or area even while it is being treated.

Using large, electric heaters pest control professionals will create heat that reaches the kill zone of 120 Fahrenheit or higher and then they will constantly monitor the area to ensure that the degree of heat needed to eliminate these pests is maintained and that the heat is circulated throughout the infested area or the entire structure. No matter where these nighttime pests reside during the daylight hours heat treatments administered by a specialists trained in this method of extermination are sure to resolve the entire problem.

Bed bug heat treatment services are designed to provide homes and businesses in Toronto and surrounding areas with a complete solution for the ever-increasing pest problem. If you are concerned that you may have a problem, do not expose your family or customers to the threat of attacks as they sleep. Use environmentally safe, highly effective heat treatments to completely stop your nocturnal visitors. Give us a call to know more!